Executive Search


Pre-research and assessment

HR Consulting

To fill the positions of medium level executives is more convenient to apply Recruiting or Selection methods. In this kind of assignments we use different technical resources, for example, advertisement in mass media or Internet, as well as databases.

Main project stages:

  • Discussion of the vacancy with the Client and elaboration of the Profile of Ideal Candidate.
  • Elaboration of the advertisement of the vacancy with the description of professional requirements for the candidates and job conditions in co-operation with the Client.
  • Agreement with the Client on the schedule of advertisements and ordering the advertisement space in the selected media - resource.
  • Processing of the received resumes, their assessment and comparison to the Profile of Ideal Candidate within the agreed terms.
  • Carrying out interviews and testing of the most perspective candidates.
  • Preparation of the reports on the most perspective candidates, discussion of the reports and arrangement of presentations.