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Providing services of Executive Search our company maintains high quality standards, which ensure successful results of every search process.

We are always preparing thoroughly for each assignment, discussing with our Client every detail and all specific requirements to the candidates.

All the Executive Search assignments are carried out in close co-operation with our Client, which, first of all, means the complete understanding of our Clientís needs and absolute transparency of the Search process and itís results.

In our work we strictly observe confidentiality and follow our ethic principles. 

Main stages of an Executive Search assignment:

  • We discuss in detail the position to be filled with our Client in order to get as complete as possible information about the contents of work and scope of responsibilities of the future manager. After that we determine the accountabilities and skills, which the potential candidates should possess.
  • We thoroughly collect and analyse the information on the companyís structure, strategy, history and traditions as well as management principles and peculiarities of the corporate culture. А complete information on the company and right understanding of the situation helps us to attract the most qualified candidates.
  • Based on the received information we create the Profile of Ideal Candidate, that is presented to our Client and should be approved by him, and elaborate our search strategy.
  • Next steps are our practical activities, i.e. carrying out of systematic search in order to cover the target market segment and identify the majority of qualified candidates.
  • We carry out the preliminary interviews with the identified candidates evaluating the level of their compliance with the Profile of Ideal Candidate. After that we select the best ones for additional interviewing and testing.
  • Written Reports on the best candidates are presented to the Client and we proceed with reference checking.
  • Together with our Client we discuss the Reports and proceed with the organization of Candidate Presentations. After the Presentations the final decision is taken.
  • We normally follow-up candidateís performance during 3 to 6 months after the Working Agreement is signed and position is filled.